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Financial Statements

Saving Grace receives an independent audit each year. Here are the most recent reports. 


2017 Financial Statement

2016 Financial Statement

2015 Financial Statement

2014 Financial Statement

2013 Financial Statement

2012 Financial Statement

2011 Financial Statement

2010 Financial Statement

2009 Financial Statement

2008 Financial Statement

2007 Financial Statement

2006 Financial Statement


Form 990

Form 990 is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)’s designation for the tax return that most public charities are required by law to submit annually. This form is used by the IRS to assess the organization for tax compliance. Information in Form 990 includes a summary of the organization’s activities, assets, receipts, expenditures, and compensation of directors, offices, and certain employees. These forms are dated for the fiscal year that begins the year listed in July and ends in the next year in June.

2016 990 form

2015 990 form

2014 990 form

2013 990 form

2012 990 form

2011 990 form

2010 990 form

2009 990 form

2008 990 form

2007 990 form

2006 990 form


IRS Determination Letter

This letter from the IRS determines the exempt status of Saving Grace (formerly known as COBRA).

IRS 501C3 letter



Please contact us with any questions regarding Saving Grace financial information or annual accomplishments.