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We are always looking to inspire others as well as educate about domestic violence and sexual assault prevention. Your story can help us save a life and bring hope to thousands of ​Central Oregonians facing abuse today.

**You will be contacted by a Saving Grace employee regarding your story including request for permission to use all or some for educational purposes. All names of individuals will be changed for confidentiality purposes upon agreement.


My story is like many heard before. I was living with a man that I thought was meant to be. The true colors started coming out shortly after moving in together. It started with a push, then verbal put downs. I began to question myself and thinking maybe it was my fault. Later it turned ugly. One night I was thrown to the floor and choked til I passed out. I had marks on my neck and was too embarrassed to call the police. Shortly after that night I found out that my birth control was being tampered with. I was smart enough to have one in the medicine cabinet ( for show purposes) and another hidden and taken correctly knowing it wasn't tampered with. I stayed for a little while longer coming up with a plan to get out of the relationship. One day while cleaning the apartment I came across a gun that I knew nothing about. I fell to the floor with fear. One week later, I left the key on the counter, 21 dollars in my checking account and lived in my car for a short time. I was able to save enough money and found a roommate. I left and don't regret for one second my decision. I knew if I stayed my life would have been much different. I met my husband 2 yrs later and he put me through school. I became a medical professional, have two children and now have been married for 10 yrs. I know now that I stopped the cycle that i saw growing up and NEVER ever wanted to see my children to think that was normal. I am thankful that I left and live to talk about it. YOU can move on and deserve better. I am so thankful that I finally found someone that makes me feel safe, is a great role model for our children and the cycle of fear no longer lives within me. My message is to other women is this: you can move on, you can do anything you want, be a hero to your children and others walk away. Start over, my thoughts will be with you and don't ever once think you are alone. You aren't by any means. You would be surprised how many people have gone through what you are. Don't give up... YOU can do this, start a new day today.....All the best to you~ Domestic Violence Survivor