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What about My Safety?

If you are in an abusive relationship, safety planning is a critical step. This planning can be done while you are still in the relationship, planning to leave or relocate, or after it has ended. A safety plan might include:

  • Planning for your children to stay safe during an abusive event
  • Planning what to take with you when you leave
  • Reporting harassing behavior after you’ve left

There are also steps you can take if you are relocating and are concerned about your children's safety.

Leaving an abusive relationship is not easy and, as you know, can escalate the violence. There are protections for victims, such as domestic violence restraining orders. A restraining order is a court order that tells the abuser to leave you and your children alone. It can order the abuser to move from your home and can deal with temporary custody and parenting time of your children.

A note about children: Children who are exposed to domestic violence experience a range of feelings, including fear, confusion, guilt, anger, worry and sadness. Up to 80% of children who witness domestic violence are at risk of becoming physically or sexually abused themselves. Whether experiencing or witnessing abuse, a child’s sense of safety and security in his/her own home are jeopardized by domestic violence.

You do not have to deal with domestic violence on your own. And you and your children have a right to be safe. Saving Grace can help you make informed choices about your situation, create a safety plan for yourself or for your children and begin the process of healing from abuse.