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What is Post-Separation Violence?


Most people believe that a victim of domestic violence will be safe once they separates from the abuser. Unfortunately, leaving does not usually put an end to the violence. Oftentimes, this can be the most dangerous time in a relationship. An abuser may escalate the violence in an attempt to force the victim to reconcile. They may also be reacting to a perceived rejection or abandonment by their partner.

Post-separation violence can take many forms, including physical or sexual assault, threats of physical abuse,stalking, harassment, and threats related to taking custody of the children or refusing child support.

Leaving an abusive relationship requires strategic planning and possible legal intervention to keep you and your children safe. Possible legal remedies to keep you and your children safe include restraining orders or stalking orders. If you feel your safety or the safety of your children may be at risk over parenting time or exchanges of the children, you may want to consider supervised visitation and exchanges through our Mary's Place facility.