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What can I do if I have been assaulted?

Don't blame yourself. Even if you would have done something differently you did not choose to be assaulted.

Tell someone. Healing is easier when you have emotional support. Loved ones may feel frightened to hear your story and may not be as supportive at you need. Call Saving Grace or join a support group for survivors. Consider reporting to law enforcement.

Get medical attention. You may be injured, pregnant, or have undetected sexually transmitted diseases. Exams are available at no cost. Victims of sexual assault can ask for evidence to be collected during a hospital exam even if they don't yet know if they want to report to the police. The evidence can be held for 6 months to give you time to make that decision.

Make a safety plan. Do you need to leave, change routines, or get away from someone's reach? Ask your friends, family, police, or Saving Grace for help making a safety plan.

Learn more. Survivors initially believe that their experience was unique. Knowing that others have survived can be a source of strength for you. Contact Saving Grace to talk about options and support.