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Mary's Place Supervised Visit and Safe Exchange Center


What is Mary’s Place?

A safe and neutral location for supervised parenting time or exchanging children without the parents seeing or hearing each other. Mary’s Place is located in a daycare center so it is a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for both children and parents to spend time.

What is supervised parenting time?

Supervised parenting time are visits between the non-custodial parent and child(ren), in the presence of a professional facilitator who will encourage positive interaction between the parent and child(ren). Care is taken to ensure safety of parents and the child(ren) at all times. The facilitator remains within earshot and sight of the parent and child(ren) during the visit.

What are supervised exchanges?

Supervised exchanges are exchanges of children between custodial & non-custodial parents. Exchanges take place at Mary’s Place in downtown Bend. The same care is taken during an exchange as is during a visit. Parents do not see or hear each other while making the exchange of the child(ren).

Why is this needed?

In some cases when parents are splitting up there has been violence or threats of violence. Mary’s Place strives to increase safety for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, dating violence and/or stalking and to prevent violence from occurring during parent/child visits and child exchanges.

What security measures do you use?

Mary’s Place has highly skilled, professional staff who are aware of the obvious and subtle ways that safety can be compromised. While maintaining a friendly atmosphere, the staff utilize state-of-the art monitoring equipment, panic buttons, etc. One facilitator is assigned to each parent during each visit/exchange. Mary’s Place has developed comprehensive security procedures with assistance from law enforcement, the court, parole and probation and the district attorney’s office.

What is the first step to using Mary’s Place?

Each parent sets up their own intake appointment. During the appointment we get to know the parent and their relationship with the other parent and their children. The center guidelines are explained and possible schedules are proposed for the visits/exchanges. While Mary’s Place does serve families who elect on their own to use the center, most families are referred by the court.

Will I have to see/talk to the other parent at Mary’s Place?

No. Parents arrive and leave at separate times, use separate parking lots, entrances, and waiting areas.

When are visit and exchange hours?

Mary’s Place offers visitation and exchanges on Monday 6:00 – 8:30 pm, Thursday 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Friday 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Saturday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday 12 noon – 8:00 pm. Intake appointments are offered during the week during regular business hours. Please call 322-7460 to schedule an appointment.

How much does it cost?

Mary’s Place services are free to participating families.

How does an exchange work?

One parent arrives with the child(ren) and waits until the other parent arrives to collect the children. Arrival and departure times for each parent are staggered; separate parking lots, entrances, and waiting areas are used by each parent so that they do not have contact. Facilitators escort the children from one parent to the other. Both parents have time to discuss any safety needs, scheduling, and parenting questions with their facilitator.

How does a supervised parenting time (visit) work?

The non-custodial parent arrives and is greeted by a facilitator to discuss the plans for the visit – food, toys, games, activities, etc. When the custodial parent arrives, another facilitator meets that parent and child(ren) and escorts the children to the daycare center where the non-custodial parent is waiting. Arrival and departure times for each parent are staggered; separate parking lots, entrances, and waiting areas are used by each parent so that they do not have contact. Both parents have time to discuss any safety needs, scheduling, and parenting questions with their facilitator.

Why use Mary’s Place rather than a family member or friend?

Most parents do use family members or friends to supervise their visits or exchanges, and in many cases that works just fine for everyone. When there is a concern that a parent may try to use the exchanges or visits as a time to get back at the other parent, pump the child for information, make promises about the future, or possibly try to abduct the child – the other parent may prefer to use Mary’s Place since we are trained to ensure that these events don’t happen.

Is it safe for me and my children?

Mary’s Place is modeled after domestic violence supervised visitation centers that have been operating for over 20 years – we use the same procedures, training for staff, security measures, etc. that have been proven to result in a safer environment for everyone. These types of supervised visitation centers have very good safety track records – far better than using McDonald’s or family and friends for visits or exchanges.

What happens if a parent doesn’t comply with the center guidelines?

In general, not following guidelines about safety is likely to be documented and may result in canceling a visit or suspending someone from the program. If there is a court order for supervised parenting time or exchange, Mary’s Place will send a report back to the court about this outcome.

Does Mary’s Place ensure confidentiality of my personal info?

All contact information is kept absolutely confidential, and we strive to keep all family matters private. However, we are subject to subpoenas by each parent’s attorney as well as the court. The information we keep about visits or exchanges are arrival and departure times and if a guideline was broken and the facilitator needed to intervene.

Are reports made back to the court?

Mary’s Place does not make parenting skills or custody recommendations. However, a status report may go back to the court if program rules are violated and services have been terminated.

What if my child doesn’t want to visit?

It is important that the custodial parent always bring the child to the center. The facilitators will never force the child, however, most of the time the facilitator is able to inspire trust and confidence and the child can have some meaningful parenting time.

Can I serve my spouse with divorce papers at Mary’s Place?

No. The purpose of the center is to promote safety and parent/child relationships. Serving papers at Mary’s Place undermines both of these goals.


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