If you or someone you know is experiencing intimate partner violence, sexual assault, or sexual violence -- we can help.


Does your partner:

  • Prevent you from leaving the house, getting a job or continuing your education?

  • Destroy your belongings?

  • Make accusations that you are having an affair?

  • Touch you in a way that hurts or frightens you?

  • Harm, scare, or threaten you or your children?

  • Insult you in public or private?

  • Check up on where you’ve been and who you’ve talked to?

  • Criticize your family and friends?

  • Pressure or force you to have sex when you don’t want to?

  • Limit where you can go and what you can do?

  • Tell you “jealousy” is a sign of love?

In healthy relationships, people:

  • Respect each other

  • Listen to and value each other

  • Are open and honest

  • Can express themselves without fear

  • Are willing to apologize

  • Use words that do not hurt each other

  • Are kind to each other

  • Support each other’s dreams & ambitions

  • Negotiate