"10 for 10" Match Challenge

We have been delighted by the support we've received from the community as we mark the 10th Anniversary of our Mary's Place program. What better way to celebrate the success of the past 10 years than to make sure we can continue to offer this life-saving service for many years to come? 

We're excited to offer you a way to DOUBLE the impact of your gift! Our friends and supporters Rachel and Adam Albright have agreed to match all donations (up to $10,000) received by October 24. 

A gift to our "10 for 10" match challenge will help ensure we're always there for the hundreds of families that count on us, as well as those that will need us in the future.

Here's why the Albrights are supporting Mary's Place:

As Saving Grace celebrates Mary's Place's 10th Anniversary, we wanted to make a special offering to community members who recognize all the amazing work that has been done here, and to ensure that in the future, families facing challenges and difficulties will continue to have a place to turn.
It's easy to feel powerless in the face of all the violence in our world, but Mary's place is making a real difference by protecting survivors and their children from future abuse while providing a safe place to promote understanding and reconciliation.  
Their approach has proven itself effective and since its inception in 2006, Mary's Place has helped more than 500 families to break the cycle of violence. To celebrate Mary's Place's past accomplishments and to help support survivors, families, and the community at large, we would like to offer a pledge to match dollar for dollar any donations made before October 24, 2016 up to a total of $10,000.

Together, we can help families imagine a life without violence.

Yours in Community,
Adam and Rachel Albright

We can't thank the Albrights enough for their continued support and creating this "10 for 10" Match Challenge.  Please consider donating today!