Support Survivors by Pledging Pro Bono Hours to Saving Grace

“Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

Justice is blind—but only when both parties have equal access to representation. This October, help balance the scales of justice by pledging your pro bono hours to support victims of domestic violence.

This year, the American Bar Association’s celebration of pro bono legal services occurs during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, from October 23 to 29. This offers the legal community a unique opportunity to take a stand and work together to end intimate partner violence.  

Some of the biggest challenges survivors face are in the courtroom. Many survivors are cut off from financial resources and are unable to afford legal representation for the many issues they confront after leaving their partner. Oftentimes, they are forced to represent themselves against their abuser or their abuser’s lawyer without any legal assistance.

Local lawyer Margaret Washburn currently provides free 30 minute consultations to Saving Grace clients on a regular basis because she understands the difference it can make.

“My reason is that the survivors served by Saving Grace are among the most at risk in our community. If I can support them with legal assistance they have the opportunity to break out of the cycle of violence and protect themselves and their children. By the time I see these survivors, they are strong and are ready to take the legal steps necessary.”

The Oregon State Bar encourages lawyers to perform 80 hours of pro bono services each year. Saving Grace asks the Central Oregon legal community to dedicate their pro bono hours to help survivors of domestic violence. 

Our goal is to create a roll call of lawyers that are ready to show our community that everyone deserves a life without violence. Regardless of your area of practice, we can work with you to find cases appropriate for your workload and provide resources to help with unfamiliar areas of law.  

Additionally, we will offer lawyers who dedicate their pro bono hours to Saving Grace the opportunity to participate in our domestic violence advocate training program for free. 

If you are interested in pledging your pro bono hours to Saving Grace, please contact LeeAnn O’Neill at Thank you for supporting survivors! 

VolunteerRyan Stillwater