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Beginning this month, Mosaic Medical will take another step toward meeting patient needs where they live. A Mosaic doctor will be making regular visits to the Saving Grace emergency shelter to provide medical care to residents. Many of these women have not been able to access medical care for some time — some may have fled directly from an abusive partner and may have been prohibited by that person from seeking medical attention entirely.

“A former client of ours had been living in a camper in a rural area prior to staying at our shelter,” said shelter manager, Ashby Rodriguez. “They had multiple, untreated broken ribs from over the years of abuse from the same partner. In fact, this is a common situation for women in a physically abusive situation.”

Many women arrive at Saving Grace with their children, who may have also been unable to receive medical care. “In order to access the medical care that most residents require during their stay,” Rodriguez continued, “they must navigate challenges like mobility, transportation, childcare, and current injuries.  Having Mosaic Medical come to the shelter to provide care to our residents eliminates these barriers and makes it far easier for them to receive the health services they need.”

A Mosaic doctor and medical assistant will provide a variety of services to Saving Grace residents, including preventative services like general exams and well-child checkups, as well as vaccinations and prescription medications. “Medications are often left behind when someone leaves an unsafe relationship, or someone needs a refill after staying in our shelter for a time,” Rodriquez explained.

“It’s a tremendous benefit to have community partners like Mosaic Medical, who understand the needs of domestic and sexual violence survivors,” said Trish Meyer, Interim Executive Director at Saving Grace. “Meeting them in a safe space can make all the difference for the women and children we serve – ultimately leading to better health outcomes for our community.” 

About Mosaic Medical:

Mosaic Medical is a local nonprofit community health center organization with primary care clinics in Prineville, Bend, Madras and Redmond.  Additionally, Mosaic Medical serves the community with six school-based health centers and a mobile clinic program.  We accept most insurance including commercial, OHP and most Medicare and fees are based on a sliding scale for qualifying patients with limited or no insurance.  For more information visit our website at