Staff Pick: "Ten Sessions" (listen)

I know...talking about assault and violence isn't dinner table conversation, but unfortunately, it's a reality in many homes here in our community. If you're a survivor, you know how hard it can be to talk about. If you're a close friend or related to a survivor, understanding their healing journey can be hard at times. This episode of This American Life really helped me to understand how the mind can process something as heinous as sexual assault and how I can best empathize and support survivors in my life.
Ryan Stillwater, Development Director, Saving Grace


"In this episode, Jaime Lowe records her ten sessions of CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy), to help heal from a sexual assault thirty years ago, when she was thirteen. She’s rarely articulated the details out loud—until now."

(NOTE: This episode contains adult subject matter and may be triggering to sexual assault survivors).