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Stories of Strength

Survivors can find strength in sharing their stories with others.

 All names of survivors, children, and their abusers in these situations have been changed to protect their privacy and security.

Images used are only representations.




  • Melissa's Story

    Melissa's Story

    The year was 2002 and I had a wonderful life. I was happy-go-lucky with very little stress. I had gone through a divorce several years prior and had 50/50 custody (week on, week off) of my only child – a son, who was seven years old at the time. I had just purchased my first home on my own and was feeling proud of my big accomplishment.

  • Robin's Story

    Robin's Story

    I was in a relationship for about two and a half years with my former girlfriend, our first year together wasn't a walk in the park but like all relationships we had our ups and downs but we were in love. Slowly she started out by just pushing me around and she would punch the walls around me.

  • Lindsay's Story

    Lindsay's Story

    I was 16. I went to visit a few of my friends—friends I had known for a while and trusted. I sat on the couch watching TV. One of them, whom I had expressed interest in, began to kiss me. He asked the others to step outside so we could be alone.