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Just When I Thought My Life Was Over...God Sent a Love My Way

Just When I Thought My Life Was Over...God Sent a Love My Way

I love my family that God gave me!

I became a Mom at the age of 15 and I thought I would never meet a man who would not only love me but love her and I refused to be with someone thatdidn't welcome my baby (at 15 I knew she was the true love of my life). I got a job when I was 16 and I met my now ex husband. He was so welcoming of my daughter. He bought her and I things and spoiled us. At 18 years old I graduated High School and we got married the very next month. For years it was rough. We got evicted so much. We lived in Homeless shelters, tents and cars. There were times we never had food. I remember using gallons of water to wash off in the park restrooms or going to gas stations and washing off in the sinks. We struggled so much.

In 2006 we had a child of our own. She is my baby girl. Fast forward in 2012 we decided it was time to move away and try to have better for us. When we first moved it was great. We got along so good and the kids were so happy. We were always doing things together as a family and even had a nice little place to live. In 2013 things changed. I started working and he was working. Some of his family ended up moving down there around us and he started hanging out with them a lot. We argued all the time. We worked different shifts at work so we took turns watching the kids. It seems to be going ok. Then the horrible year of 2014 came!!

In 2014 it was like a light went off in him. He became a true monster. I was not allowed to go outside alone. I had to answer to him about everything. If I was outside when he got home he was even meaner. Almost a daily bases he would throw me across the room, he would cuss at me and he would hit me. He would rape me and choke me while doing it and I would be crying and begging him to stop and the more I did the worse it got. My daughter said she would hold her teddy bear and cry and pray that I would be alive the next morning. I just couldn't leave. I was so scared of him and scared I would lose my kids to his family.

Then the dreadful day came that I will never forget. I woke up on our 10th wedding anniversary and I was excited thinking okay maybe since we reached 10 years things will get better....I was so wrong. I got off work that afternoon and stopped by his work to see him. He had just got to work. After I saw him I went and got my kids so I could take them to get something to eat. After we ate we had the doors held open by FBI, Homeland Security, Detectives, and Police. That night I found out that while I was at work during the days he had been abusing my babies. I had no idea!! It crushed me. How could someone hurt sweet babies? That night I had to verify that it was him and as soon as I verified him from their evidence they had he went to jail. I had to testify in front of a Grand Jury for Federal Court and testify for State Court. At his sentencing I was able to take the stand on behalf of my kids and talk for my kids. Our abuser received 63 years in prison. He has been in there for 4 years now.

I had court officials saying they were happy I was there in court and I said why wouldn't I be? These babies are my world. I moved back to my home state to be with my family. 3 years later I married my very best friend of 16 years. I thought I would never get remarried but I love him so much. It’s not been easy because I have trouble trusting anyone but he loves me very much and loves my girls like a real Dad should. I am blessed beyond measure to have him in our lives. Just when I thought my life was over God sent a love my way. I love my family that God gave me!!!!

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