Volunteer Roles

children's advocate

We provide respite care for children in the emergency shelter as well as support groups for children in Bend and Redmond. Children’s advocates work to provide a safe and fun environment in which to educate their clients and encourage and foster healthy behaviors.

courthouse advocates

Courthouse Advocates are able to assist clients in filling out and filing various civil-legal documents. Courthouse Advocates are also able to prepare clients for the courtroom and accompany clients into court in order to provide support throughout the legal process.

Saving Grace advocates cannot provide any legal advice to clients.

24-Hour Helpline Advocate

Helpline Advocates provide crisis support, information and referrals to victims of domestic and sexual violence.  Hotline Advocates serve at the “front line” of many domestic violence and sexual assault calls, providing an invaluable service to callers. 

hospital response team (hrt) advocate:

HRT consists of staff and volunteers who respond to St. Charles Medical Center for advocacy with sexual assault and domestic violence victims.  HRT Advocates provide emotional support, information and referrals to survivors. HRT Advocates must be able to respond to calls during evening and weekend shifts.

Support Group Facilitator

Provide support groups for women who have experienced domestic violence in Bend, Redmond, Madras and Prineville. Support group facilitators provide support, referrals and education about domestic violence to support group participants. In addition, facilitators maintain a safe and confidential environment in which the group can take place.