California Closets + Storage2U give back!

California Closets donated their designs, time and materials for the emergency shelter at Saving Grace. Three closets and an unused office are now beautifully organized with new shelving and storage units. Their shelter provides safe, emergency housing for survivors of intimate partner violence and their minor children in a confidential location. 

Another Bend company, Storage2U, provided a mobile storage unit to store items on-site at the shelter during the installation phase of the project. 

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Mosaic Medical partners with us!

Beginning this month, Mosaic Medical will take another step toward meeting patient needs where they live. A Mosaic doctor will be making regular visits to the Saving Grace emergency shelter to provide medical care to residents. Many of these women have not been able to access medical care for some time — some may have fled directly from an abusive partner and may have been prohibited by that person from seeking medical attention entirely.

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Cammie's Story

“I remember four years ago being in California and we got in a huge fight. I had this voice in my head just saying, “Leave now. If you don't leave now, you're going to go through stuff that you don't want to go through.” 

But I wasn’t getting black eyes, or a broken arm or broken ribs, like some other people that I knew, and so I thought, “Oh, well…it’s not that bad.”

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Deschutes County Receives $450K Grant to Provide Enhanced Response to High-Risk Domestic Violence Cases

Local agencies will now be able to provide an enhanced response to domestic violence victims and swift prosecution of domestic violence offenders. A recent $450,000 grant award will help the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office, local law enforcement agencies — Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Bend, Redmond, Black Butte, and Sunriver Police Departments — and Bend-based non-profit organization, Saving Grace, to work collaboratively to reduce the domestic violence toll on our community. In 2017, there were 29 deaths in 19 separate incidents in 11 Oregon counties related to domestic violence.

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NewsRyan Stillwater
Camp Mary's Place

A Party with Strings Attached was organized by two community partners wanting to create something new and exciting for Mary's Place clients. This 3-day camp will allow mothers and their children to enjoy time swimming, hiking, crafting and ​spending time together in the outdoors.

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